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Add another dimension to the classroom experience with the One in Christ Portal. It offers unlimited access to web-based One in Christ teaching materials that help instructors meet the needs of today’s learners.

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Visit cph.org/oneinchrist to learn more about the One in Christ religion curriculum for Infant & Toddlers through Grade 8!

Technology in the classroom

Maximize your use of One in Christ curriculum with the portal’s interactive whiteboard activities, videos, sing-alongs, online assessments, slide shows, and more! The portal’s many technology resources for each grade level help you reinforce lessons and engage your students with the curriculum.

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Enhanced learning opportunities

Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Engage students in collaborative learning with activities that create dynamic lessons—all at the touch of your finger!

Video & Audio

Complement lesson objectives with video and audio clips that make lessons come to life and bring the outside world into the classroom.

Slideshows & Images

Together with teacher instructions, the portal’s slideshows and images help students visually connect with the lesson.


From memory work and song sheets to games, discussion questions, and more, the portal offers tons of printable reproducibles.


Put your students’ knowledge to the test with online assessments. Edit existing assessments or create your own.

…and more!

See for yourself more portal resources for grades K–8, including drag-n-drop activities, role play scenarios, and more.
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