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Hours: Monday–Friday, 7:30am–5:00 pm CST

Questions and Answers

Who at my school decides grade-level access to the portal?

Each school has designated portal administrators who can determine grade level access privileges. After the initial setup, schools can assign up to two administrators to manage their portal needs.

What devices support the portal?

The One in Christ Portal can be used on whiteboard touch response systems, stand-alone computers, and computer and projection systems. All portal resources can be accessed through any standard web browser.

Please note: iPads and tablets do not support One in Christ interactive whiteboard resources.

Can I use the activities on any brand of interactive whiteboards?

Yes. The interactive activities are not in a whiteboard application specific format (i.e. SMART Board®, notebook, etc.). You should have the ability to interact with the whiteboard hardware regardless of the brand.

Please follow your specific whiteboard hardware operational instructions for connectivity with your standard laptop/desktop operating system and projector, especially when displaying interactive “touch responsive” content.

Can I use the portal if I do not have an interactive whiteboard?

Yes. Interactive whiteboards are not required to use any of the available web resources. The One in Christ Portal can be used on stand-alone computers, and with a computer and projection system.